We keep entertainers healthy.


With 91 Grammys, 51 BET awards, 79 Billboard Music Awards, 66 CMAs, and 58 VMAs actively under our care, entour med is the world’s authority in Entertainment Health.


Entour med offers 24/7 access to your private physician, along with access to a worldwide network of specialists to manage all health-related needs as they arise, or even better, before they come up.


Why entour med?


  • Stop canceling shows because of health reasons.   

  • Save money on tour insurance policies.

  • Access entertainment-specific health care, around the world, that matches the lifestyle of the performing artist.

  • Better health brings better performances, more tour dates, and a more productive career.

  • Peace of mind for you and your artists with all-access pass to your physician.

With the tour season gearing up, we are available to keep your artist and their crews on the road and in front of their fans, including primary care, vocal care, high-profile child birth, and non-appearance/cancellation insurance evaluations.

Industry referral preferred:

Protect your health, preserve your music.

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